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at the moment video is the most dynamic and immersive form of storytelling that I can think of. 

When I graduated from business college I was fortunate to have a job in corporate sales, where I took people out to lunch, made cold calls, and looked forward to 5pm. A few years later, I asked my boss if I could make a promo video for our office. I remember feeling bad making the video because I was getting paid to do something fun. In my childhood I made artsy stuff, music, and videos of all kinds, but by the time college came around it seemed that I had to find something with a higher chance of salary. Needless to say, I did not last very long in my former industry. Today I work with some of the most incredible people you could ever meet. I look forward to Mondays and I get paid to make videos.

for me it is always worth it to capture great stories.

I believe in finding real moments, trusting in first impressions, and moving quickly. I think about what the ultimate and experiential elements of the message are, so that we can film the most authentic content available. Amazing clients and people have driven this ship, along with a wife that makes sure everybody in my videos look good and sound smart.

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